Adelaide Women’s Prison

20 Bed Accommodation & Independent Living Units - Mossop Constructions

Work that was completed

The Adelaide Women’s prison project spanned 18 months and involved the construction of 5 new buildings, including a 20 bed, high security wing, 2 independent living units, an officer development wing and a new admissions and health building. Goodeside Plumbing undertook all hydraulic and stormwater works on this project.

Goodeside’s scope of works:

  • In-ground and suspended drainage
  • Hot, cold and gas reticulation
  • Water management systems to allow control of cells
  • Hot water plant installation
  • Thermostatic mixing valves and water sub meters
  • In-ground stormwater installation, including pits, trench grating and RCP pipework
  • Sanitary fixtures and tapare, including detention specified item
  • Backflow protection
  • Testing and commissioning

“Completed on time and effectively established Goodeside Plumbing as a leading Hydraulic Contractor in South Australia”. – Chris Dunne – Senior Project Manager, Mossop Construction

Location: Northfield, SA